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Feel good to the tips of your fingers!

About Karo

Zaakvoerder NagelstudioKaro

Karolien Vanheusden is my name. And as a hobby that got out of hand, now 'jobby' (hobby + job), I carry the title 'nail stylist', I am also a bachelor and master educator and distributor (wholesaler) of the brands Harmony / GELISH / Morgan Taylor and ABSTRACT.

I have my own training center and as a freelance teacher I teach in the Beauty School in Hasselt.

Everything started in 2008 at a small kitchen table where the first steps of nailing were realized. The year course at the evening school is something to quickly forget. There I stood with my nail styling certificate, my love for the craft and my nails where the hills of Erica were visible! But what started as an interest has grown into a great passion.

The many courses throughout Belgium and meeting Sofie Devlieger from ASAP have determined my current identity. With trial and error, stress and perseverance, a smile and a tear, I have learned that hard work can mean a new beginning.

The ABSTRACT brand, the showpiece in the nail world (developed by Sofie Devlieger) is only at the beginning of its glory, it is a real challenge to be able to work with it and to teach it. BE BOLD OR ITALIC, NEVER REGULAR, that's the slogan of the abstract products.


The Harmony / Gelish / Morgan Taylor brand is an American product and a leader in the nail industry, just think of the launch of the “polygel” a few years ago. A quality product that is of paramount importance.


As a wholesaler in gel products from Gelish / Harmony / Morgan Taylor & Abstract, I offer professional nail stylists professional advice when purchasing. Are you a nail stylist? Then I would like to receive you during opening hours or by appointment.


In addition to reading many professional magazines and information on social media, I attend various workshops every year and visit (inter) national fairs, so that I continue to have the right techniques and follow the latest trends closely. To be able to teach I am obliged to follow an international education training (Los Angeles & Africa: Cape Town) every year and I take an exam before the jury


Moreover, as a nail stylist I can develop myself creatively. I experience it as a real pleasure to see people happily smiling at their stylish (elegant) hands.


Have you also dreamed of beautiful nails for a long time and do you know that they create added value for your personal look? Then we have just found each other! Would you like to leave an inimitable impression when you shake someone's hand? A coffee / drink, a nice chat and a little later you go home with beautiful WOW nails! Our slogan loud

"Feel good to the tips of your fingers!"




Are you looking for a new challenge, extra income and would you like to start as a nail stylist? Need a career switch? Then follow our basic training as a manicurist and become a soak-off expert in just three lessons! If nail styling is for you, you can choose between gel, acrylic, polygel courses. You will receive a certificate of participation at the end of each course.


During our courses we always work individually or in small groups so that you receive the necessary guidance in learning to install artificial nails. A good follow-up from the start is very important.

Short workshops are also possible at Nagelstudio Karo.
These are developed based on your specific question.


You will also have the opportunity to work with some of our well-known products, such as the flagship Abstract, which is known for its beautiful pigmented colors and super quality, the brush-on-color is highly recommended.


The Harmony / Gelish / Morgan Taylor brand also has a place in training and wholesale. This product for the professional manicurist that delivers the best quality and the best result.


 The lessons are given in Dutch

Has your interest been aroused or are you left with questions? More information and the training calendar can be requested by sending an email to
Also always welcome for more information during our opening hours


Théophile Donnéstraat 72, 3540 Herk-de-Stad, Belgium

0479 26 88 70

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