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Color Kit | Gelish Dip

Gelish Dip Color Kit contains: (1) Prep 15ml, (1) Base Coat 15ml, (1) Activator 15ml, (1) Top Coat 15ml, (1) Brush Restorer 15ml, (1) Clear as Day Dip Powder 23gr, ( 1) Pink Smoothie Dip Powder 23gr, (1) Good Gossip Dip Powder 23gr, (1) Nail Surface Cleanse 120ml, (1) Nail Wipes 100pcs, (2) Bottle Caps, (6) Replacement Brushes.

Gelish Dip Prep is a degreaser for the natural nail plate. The Base Coat is intended to prepare the natural nail before applying Gelish Dip Base Coat.

Gelish DIP Base Coat is a cyanoacrylate adhesive with an optimal viscosity. The Base Coat is intended to beautify the nail with Gelish Dip powder. Contains vitamins A and E, as well as calcium to protect the natural nail while wearing a Gelish Dip.

Gelish Dip Activator is intended to cure the Gelish Dip Base and Top Coat. Use of this activator ensures that the Gelish DIP maintains its flexibility and guarantees a crystal clear finish.

Gelish DIP Top Coat is a topcoat intended to shine the nail decorated with gelish Dip le. Dries slower and supports the application to achieve a perfect clarity and high shine finish.

Gelish Dip Brush Restorer helps to make Base and / or Top Coat brushes soft and usable again.

Nail Surface Cleanse has been specially developed to remove the adhesive layer from gels, resulting in a high-gloss finish. In addition, it can also be used as a hygienic cleaner for hands, feet or instruments.

Color Kit | Gelish Dip

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