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A Starry Sight 23gr | Gelish DIP

This collection consists of twelve shades, including Holiday party classics such as the silver and red glitters 'Sprinkle of Twinkle' and 'Walking On Stardust'. Metallics like 'Gilded In Gold' or 'Copper Dream' give the perfect amount of shine to make you feel like you're floating through the starry sky. For the paint lover who prefers subtle winter tones, try colors like 'Tell Her She's Stellar', a nude cream, and 'Dancing & Romancing', a soft pink. If you like everything deep and sultry, the indigo pearl 'A Starry Sight' or black purple from 'A Kiss In The Dark' will suit your needs perfectly.


"The Champagne & Moonbeams collection has something for everyone when it comes to coloring this holiday and winter," said Danny Haile, CEO and founder of Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish. "In true Gelish and Morgan Taylor style, the collection has the sparkling glitters and glimmers needed for any party occasion. These colors are complemented by rich, pigmented creams ideal for winter."


  • Gelish DIP Powder is an extra fine polymer powder that absorbs the Gelish Base Coat, so that air bubbles and shadows are virtually non-existent.
  • The Gelish Dip powders can also be used with ProHesion Liquid to create acrylic design.

*A Starry Sight 23gr | Gelish DIP

SKU: 1610368
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